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Cranky Automobile

My Dad didn't have, what I would call, a quick temper, but I know he could get riled at some repeated irritations. If he were living today and had a computer, I could picture him in my mind, as the man in the cartoon drawing, with the large hammer raised above the computer, and the caption, "Hit Any Key". Dad worked on a farm during most of his early life. He also worked in the lead mines near Elvins, Missouri for a few years, and at different times owned a couple of country stores.

The story is told of my Dad, and this was before I was born, well anyway, Dad had an automobile. The car did not have an automatic starter and had to be cranked in order to start it. For some reason, one day, the car's engine stalled and at the time, Dad and those with him were quite a ways out in the country. Everyone got out of the car and Dad got the crank out of the car and placed it into the proper position and attempted to crank the car to start it. Several cranks later, the car still was not started and Dad was getting both tired, stressed and a little bit cranky, himself. It was truly a cranky automobile. One more crank and the car's engine kicked back on the crank and hurt Dad's hand. Now I didn't see this but the story is told that Dad pulled the crank out of the slot and threw it. The crank sailed through the windshield and right out the back window, breaking both of them.

Now why am I laughing right now as I type this? Because in my mind I can see that happening. Would I ever have done something like that? I'm not going to say. We never know exactly what we might do under certain circumstances.

James Lloyd Clark

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