iPhonepics1 26/05/15—11/01/20

These pics were taken with my iPhone
The hammer is driving the second tier of beams into the earth for support of a new Main Street bridge across the St. Joseph River.
Barb Simington and me with a storm brewing in back of us, at Traverse City, MI
The storm is coming in off Lake Michigan we had better run; We never made it in time; The storm caught us.
The old railroad depot in Cheyenne, Wyomiing. Beautiful restoration inside and out.
Chimney Rock in Western Nebraska. Many settlers, on their way West, saw this landmark. I enjoyed driving thru Western Nebraska.
One of the snake warning signs posted near Chimney Rock. I didn't wonder around in the grass.
These kerosene lamps remind me of my childhood in Southeastern Missouri. They also remind me of Jesus statement, I Am The Light Of The World.
My sister in law, Shirley Bell and her husband Larry and daughter Becky. Larry passed away a few years ago.
This musician was good. He was a friend of Larry and Shirley Bell and this pic was taken at Larry's memorial service.
Castlewood Canyon State Park a few miles South of Franktown, Colorado on hwy 83 between Denver and Colorado Springs