Pilgrim Jim's Treasure Field
For where your treasure is, there will  your heart be also. Matthew 6:21 KJV

Pilgrim Jim's Treasure Field

Welcome! Meet my family, enjoy some music, share some memories, and join me on this journey. Faith, family, friends, music and memories can be blessings to enrich our lives and help us learn and grow. It is also helpful to have an appreciation for our journey. The menu links at the top of each page show the major sections of this site. I hope your journey is pleasant and your memories are warm.  The FAMILY link shows pictures related to my Clark family. The GENEALOGY link reveals some of my Clark ancestors and their children. The MUSIC link offers music with a message;  Gospel music by The Roberts Family and some other good friends, also some music and songs written by my son, Doug Clark. Some of my songs are also linked. The MEMORIES link offers some accounts of memories that warm the soul and bring smiles, warm feelings or a melody to my heart. The TAPS AT SUNSET page link is also near the bottom of the MEMORIES page. The JOURNEY link offers true accounts of some interesting experiences from the early years of my journey with Jesus.    Thank you for visiting and I hope God blesses you, and your family, today.  Enjoy your journey!

Lord, help me cultivate and enjoy the field You have given me,  my family,  and my friends.  Help me to be a better person because of my memories.  Lord, may I be open to the good seed You have planted in my field and help me to maintain the good ground. I thank you for the journey.

James Lloyd Clark

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