Pilgrim Jim's Treasure Field
For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Matthew 6:21 KJV


Give Me A Song    Songs sung by Jim Clark. Some of these songs are in WMA format (Windows Media Audio) Some are MP3  


     Farmers And Preachers WMA        This was the first song that I wrote after buying the guitar in 2004.  A true story
                                                               about some of my ancestors in Kentucky, during the 1850s thru 1880s.

     Lake Effect Love WMA                 I wrote this song while watching huge snowflakes falling thick and fast from the sky.
                                                               The date was January 28, 2007 and "lake effect" snow had drifted inland from
                                                               Lake Michigan. I thought that God's love is like that lake effect snow. It covers

     Ye Must Be Born Again MP3         I stumbled onto this song while searching for a phrase and liked the message.
                                                               I believe the song was written in 1876 by William T. Sleeper and George C.

    Camel Train Song  MP3        The account in Genesis 24 of Abraham sending his servant Eliezer to find a bride for Isaac.

     God Loves Me  chorus  MP3   I heard this little chorus many years ago

     One Day At A Time  MP3         Modified by Jim Clark.  Original song written by MariJohn Wilkin and  Kris Kristofferson.

     The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor  MP3   This song was written by Sanger D. "Whitey" Shafer who was born October 24, 1934. The song speaks
                                                                           of some of the changes in a sinner's life after Jesus Christ saves the person. Praise God!