Pilgrim Jim's Treasure Field
For where your treasure is, there will  your heart be also. Matthew 6:21 KJV


These are accounts of some memories from yesterday and the past, that still bring a smile or warm feeling to my heart. The subjects include cross country train rides, winters in the woods, flat iron bed warmers, personal pride and dignity, flood time on #4 ditch, panthers and mountain lions, covered wagons, driving horses and cranky automobiles. The Taps At Sunset page link, concerning sunsets at Weko Beach, is near the bottom of this Memories page. Some of the stories speak of times when I was a child and lived five miles East of Bernie, Stoddard County, Missouri. The stories include memories of corn cob war battles around the barn, and prowling panthers in the night time.  I view memories as tools with which to learn and grow. I still believe that today and tomorrow are the most important parts of our lives, and even tomorrow is not guaranteed. Live today; live this moment. Lord, I thank you that I can remember and I pray that my mind, soul and spirit will profit and learn from all my memories. Lord, I pray that you will help and bless those who, because of an accident or illness such as Alzheimer's, are not able to remember the warm thoughts and events of bygone days.

"A leaf that bloweth in the wind
Was once a banner on a mighty tree,
And so it is with you and me,
Our leaf will wither, turn and flee,
Leaving behind some memories."
               James Lloyd Clark, November 25, 2004

  Railroad Story

  Memories Of Winter

  Tomorrow's Memories

  On The Banks Of #4 Ditch

  The Panthers Of Southeast Missouri

  Fast Horses

  Cranky Automobile



  Musings And Thoughts

  VETERANS DAY 2006 page

Still Beautiful After All These Years  Buckteens Reunion
           Buchanan High School,  Buckteens class reunion 2006

  Colorado  Pictures from Colorado 

   Taps At Sunset Over The Sands Of Weko Beac


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