Pilgrim Jim's Treasure Field
For where your treasure is, there will  your heart be also. Matthew 6:21 KJV


During the month of MARCH, 2018, I will be ministering in the following places, GOD WILLING.
The services begin with praise and prayer, followed by songs, usually older hymns, and then
a message from the bible. The services usually last about one hour. This listing is in consecutive
order of time, as the days of the month come to us. Life is one day at a time.

First Sunday               The Chalet              Niles                    2:00 PM                           

First Monday              Woodland Terrace Coloma               2:00 PM

First Wednesday        Hallmark Living    Benton Harbor     2:00 PM Memory Care
                                                                                                    3:00 PM Main Dining Room

Second Sunday           The Chalet              Niles                    2:00 PM

Second Monday          West Woods Niles  Niles                    2:30 PM

Second Tuesday         The Willows            St. Joseph            10:00 AM Memory Care
                                                                                                    11:00 AM Main Population

Second Wednesday    West Woods           Bridgman            10:00 AM
Second Wednesday    Hallmark Living    Benton Harbor    2:00 PM Memory Care
                                                                                                    3:00 PM Main Dining Room

Third Wednesday       Hallmark Living    Benton Harbor    2:00 PM Memory Care
                                                                                                 3:00 PM Main Dining Room

Fourth Thursday        Pine Ridge              Stevensville        10:00 AM
Fourth Thursday        West Woods           Bridgman              1:45 PM
Fourth Thursday        Royalton Manor    St. Joseph              3:30 PM Main Dining Room
                                      Royalton Manor                                   4:30 PM Memory Care

Fourth Sunday            The Chalet             Niles                    2:00 PM 

Fourth Monday           Riveridge MemoryNiles                    1:00 PM Memory Care

Fourth Tuesday           Riveridge Main     Niles                    2:30 PM Main Dining Room

Fourth Wednesday     Hallmark Living    Benton Harbor   2:00 PM Memory Care
                                                                                                     3:00 PM Main Diining Room 

Fifth Thursday            Pine Ridge            Stevensville        10:00 AM
                                    West Woods           Bridgman            1:45 PM
                                    Royalton Manor    St. Joseph            3:30 PM Main Dining Room
                                    Royalton Manor                                  4:30 PM Memory Care