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Musings And Thoughts, Like A Feather On The Breeze

Musings and thoughts that have crossed my mind, like a feather on the breeze or a leaf blowing in the wind. Some may remain on this page for a while and others may drift away.
James Lloyd Clark

Listening For The Call    Written February 16, 2005

Since my wife, Sandy, suffered a hemorrhagic stroke six years ago and now needs my help to accomplish many of the normal, everyday tasks and functions of life, my system has developed an awareness mode that seems to be always on the alert. Usually, the smallest of sounds from her at night will awaken me and I check to see if she needs my help. Sometimes she requires my help just to turn over on her side, in bed. This situation is not conducive to a good night's sleep, nor a good day's rest, but it seems to be a characteristic of a care giver. During the day I sense a mode of mild apprehension as if waiting or listening for my wife's call or request for help.

The following thoughts and questions crossed my mind this morning, after waking up early. Am I aware of, and alert to, the movements and wishes of my Lord? Am I attentive to his will and listening for his voice? Do I recognize the work of his hand in the events and happenings taking place in the world today? Am I sensitive to the directions and warnings found in his word? It is for certain that a person's relationship with God is the most important aspect of their entire life. Am I listening for His call? Would I wake up early, if in a still small voice, He should call?

James Lloyd Clark,  February 16, 2005

Sandy had a clear, distinct voice before she experienced a stroke in 1999. She could sing very well and her voice was well suited to folk style music. She lost a large portion of her speech capabilities due to the stroke. A few weeks ago I asked her to sit down and I held a microphone for her and asked her to sing with me. It was a spur of the moment thing and I didn't have a song in front of me but this is the way it sounded.


My Debt Was Paid:  My wife and I had an interesting experience this evening, September 7, 2005. I had told her that I would take her out to get something to eat and she was happy about that. She had a stroke over 6 years ago and has right hemiparesis. We didn't take the wheelchair with us and while we were out we decided to go to Bob Evans in Mishawaka, Indiana. All the handicap spaces were full and we parked one row of cars out from the building. Sandy thought she could walk that distance into the restaurant, using a quad point cane in her left hand. It was a very slow process and she was breathing hard when we made it inside. Shortly after sitting down and ordering food, Sandy became weak and exhibited seizure like symptoms. This happens frequently at home and I have found that the best thing I can do is hold her close in my arms and talk to her. She usually recovers in just a few moments. This time I did the same thing. I kneeled on the floor beside her and held her in my arms and spoke to her. Pretty soon she began to come around and indicated that she thought that she had walked too far.

I kept my attention on her during our meal and didn't look around the restaurant very much. When we were finished eating, the waitress came to our table and told us that the couple who had been sitting across the aisle from us had paid our bill and we didn't owe anything. I was surprised and felt a need to express my appreciation but the couple had already left. I felt odd because due to my attention to Sandy,I hadn't even noticed the couple and didn't know what they looked like.

While driving home afterward I was thinking that someone that I didn't even know had paid my bill. I don't know if they used cash or a credit card. Then my mind thought of someone else who, many years ago, had paid a debt of mine that was far greater than the dinner bill. He didn't pay that debt with cash or a credit card but with his own blood. Jesus Christ hung on a cross and bled and died for my sins. Tears came to my eyes and I felt very insignificant but appreciative as I continued driving the rest of the way home. Thank you Lord!
September 7, 2005


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