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Veterans Day, 2006

My Great Nephew, Nick Bennett, is a Marine and he was wounded quite badly, on Veterans Day, 2004, while serving in Iraq. He was treated at a hospital in Germany and then in Bethesda Hospital for about four months because he required treatments and therapy every day. He is home, in Indiana now but is still in the Marines because he is still receiving treatments and therapy. He has had many operations and skin grafts. Nick received a promotion to Staff Sergeant, yesterday, Veterans Day, 2006, and the promotion ceremony was held at the War Memorial Building in Indianapolis.

My brother Gene, Nick's Grandfather, was in the Army in Europe during the Second World War and was a Prisoner Of War for several months. Gene was a POW in Stalag 7A at Moosburg, Germany. When Gene was liberated and then later discharged, he didn't receive any of the ribbons and awards that he had earned and were due him. Nick knew that his Grandfather didn't have any service ribbons.

Nick had asked that his Grandfather be allowed to participate in Nick's promotion ceremony and Gene was going to attach one of the Sergeant's stripes to Nick while the Marine Officer attached the other one. That's all Gene thought he was going to be involved in but unbeknownst to him, Nick had gotten a copy of a document from the Army with a list of the ribbons and awards that Gene was entitled to, including a Prisoner Of War Medal. The Army prepared all the certificates, and medals with Gene's name on them and Nick arranged for a Army General to present these to Gene. Gene didn't know anything about that part of the ceremonies but Nick had told me about it and Sandy and I drove to Indianapolis for the ceremonies. I was glad to see Nick get his stripes from the Marine Officer and my Brother helped with attaching the stripes and then sat down. After Nick was through, an Army Officer stepped up to the stand and the First Sergeant read something about the Second World War and then with a loud voice said, "Private First Class Eugene L. Clark, Front and Center". Gene was totally surprised and pointed to himself and said questioningly, "Me?"  The First Sergeant indicated yes and commanded again, "Front and Center". The First Sergeant read all the awards and certificates that Gene was receiving and the General congratulated him on each one. My Brother is 83 years old and it was a good Veterans Day.   Picture links are below.

   Nick listening as First Sergeant reads the order

   Old Soldier wonders, "What now Sir?"

   Gene listening as First Sergeant reads the award

   Applause for a Tough Marine and an Old Soldier

   Nick and Gene are happy

   Gene and Children

   Gene and Grandchildren

   Gene and Great Grandchildren

   Gene gave this painting to Sandy, painted by Betty Cross

   Gene, Nick, Jim, 3 Veterans, taken in October 2006


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