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For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Matthew 6:21 KJV

Farmers And Preachers

My Great/Great/Grandparents, John K. and Lucy G. Clark, settled in Western Kentucky in the mid 1800's. Lucy was born about 1807 in North Carolina and I believe her maiden name was Williams. John was born about 1810 but I'm not certain of the location where he was born. John K. and Lucy Clark raised eleven children, two girls and nine boys, while living on a small farm about a quarter/mile West of Nortonville, Kentucky in Hopkins County. The South line of the farm followed along the Banks of Pleasant Run Creek and the North line followed along the Princeton Greenville Road. The original deed states that the property  began at two sweet gums and elm on the Greenville, Princeton Road. I doubt if the Sweet Gum and Elm trees are still there. Some of John K. Clark's sons became Preachers, Ministers of the Regular Baptist Church in that area.  In later years, some of John and Lucy's Grandchildren were Miners, working in the local Coal Mines in Hopkins County, some of which were near Earlington, Kentucky. John K. Clark died in the mid 1880's and the Farm was divided equally among his eleven children.

I have written a song about John K. Clark, his wife Lucy and their eleven Children. They were Farmers And Preachers and they lived along the banks of Pleasant Run Creek. The song is entitled, "Farmers And Preachers". Here is a link to the song in WMA format.


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