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My Uncle Bryan Clark said, "The Clarks are like a bottle of ants, when you take the lid off, they spread out all over the place".  Looking from here into the past, the roots of this Clark family in Michigan, journeyed from Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia, North Carolina, Ireland, Wales, Germany and who knows where else. Some given names were, Grover Cleveland (Cleve) Clark, and Stella Mae Butler,  Beriah M. Clark and Benetta Roberts,  Charles W. Clark and Narcissa Obedience Butler,  John K. Clark and Lucy G. Williams,  Simeon Roberts and Adeline Brinkley,  William G. Butler and Sarah J. Woodard, Phillip Washington Butler and Elvira Ellen Brendel born in Southeast Missouri and were my Mother's parents.  We are now located in Michigan, Texas, Colorado and Arizona. My sister, Ethel's decendants, live here in Michigan and Indiana. Most of my brother, Gene's family live in Indiana. My sister, Virginia's decendants live in Tennessee, Michigan, and Illinois. My brother, Howard's, family lives in Florida. Howard died October 14, 1991 in Orlando, Florida. Lord, help each one of us as individuals and as a family, and help us to treasure the days of our journey through this life.

James Lloyd Clark

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John K. Clark, born about 1810  My Great/Great/Grandfather

Charles W. Clark, born 1829 in Tennessee  My G/Grandfather

Beriah M. Clark, born 1859 in Kentucky  My Grandfather

Grover Cleveland Clark, born 1889 in Kentucky  My Father

Frederick Brendel, born 1813 in Germany  My Mother's Great Grandfather

Phillip Washington Butler, born December 1862  My Mother's Father

Simeon Roberts News Article, 1896 My Father's Maternal Grandfather

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NOTES:  My Grandfather, Beriah M. Clark, moved his family from the Earlington, Kentucky area to Essex in Southeastern Missouri about 1905. One of Beriah's brothers, Ezekiel Haddock Clark, moved his family from Kentucky to Southern Illinois, near the Harrisburg area, sometime in the early 1900s. By the time I was born near Bernie, Missouri (Stoddard County) the two families had lost track of one another. I did not know that the Clark families, descendents of my Great Uncle Ezekiel, existed in Southern Illinois until I met one of them on a internet Genealogy Search site and found that we were searching for the same Clark ancestors from Kentucky. Since that internet meeting I have become acquainted with several of the Southern Illinois Clarks and have attended two of their family reunions. It has been pleasant and a thrill to meet them in person.   Jim Clark

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