Pilgrim Jim's Treasure Field
For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Matthew 6:21 KJV


I remember a good Christian Sister, whom I will refer to as Sister Concern, a very nice lady who attended the church that I started attending after I met Jesus and became a born again child of God. She seemed to be an effervescent, friendly soul and was not afraid to voice her opinion if the situation called for it. She was not a busybody and I believe she had a genuine concern for the welfare, both material and spiritual, of the people that she knew. I met a lot of good, friendly, concerned people in my early years as a Christian and have always considered myself to have been fortunate and abundantly blessed with good Christian Brothers and Sisters who worshiped the Lord and prayed for me. I remember experiencing feelings of joy and thankfulness when I could hear my Christian Brothers and Sisters praying and praising God. Those prayers, sounds and memories still mean a lot to me after all these years. Praise God for Christian Brothers and Sisters.

One night, after a service, as we were leaving the building, Sister Concern called to me and asked how I was doing. She asked if I was OK and then she told me why she was asking about my welfare.

She told me that she had experienced a vision in which she saw me being attacked by two huge machines. She said that there was a big machine on one side of me and another big machine on the other side of me and those two machines were almost tearing me  apart. She said one would reach out and tear at me and then the other one would reach out and pull at me and she thought in the vision that they would tear me to pieces. She said that I couldn't get away from those two huge machines and was still being torn by them when the vision ended. The Lord gave her no interpretation of the vision so she thought maybe it was possibly a warning to be watchful and careful. She had some tears in her eyes while she was telling me about the vision and I believed that she was sincere but it was difficult to relate to such a vision or revelation when I knew of no such machines and with the Lord's help I was going through life reasonably well. Sometimes it is hard to accept or become greatly concerned about warnings or revelations of troubles when things are going well. I have learned that some of the most dangerous spiritual times in a Christian's life is when everything seems to be going well. We tend to lose sight of the goal and sometimes become too involved with the things around us.

I thought about Sister Concern's revelation or vision a few times after that but I must confess that I didn't take it to heart or become greatly concerned like maybe I should have and as the years passed by, the vision became something that I only thought of occasionally as I went about life. The vision that my good Christian Sister had related to me just didn't seem to fit in or be relevant to my situation.

Some 5 to 7 years after Sister Concern told me about her vision I found myself involved in a situation that fit the vision almost perfectly. The two machines were two strong forces, or powers that were real and alive, and I was in the middle. I won't go into detail concerning the real situation but I was being pulled in different directions by strong powers and inner forces that were almost tearing me apart. The real life circumstances and situation fit the pattern of the vision perfectly except that instead of two machines, there were two real, live forces pulling and tearing at my heart and spirit. Sister Concern's vision and revelation was right on and I believe if I had paid more heed and attention to it as the years went by, my later experiences would have been better because I probably would have avoided some situations that became so frustrating and soul threatening.  I'm thankful that God cares for us and many times uses people around us to speak to us. If the vision, revelation or word is of God, then we had better listen and pay attention.
James Lloyd Clark

And that's the way it was at that time on Pilgrim Jim's Journey.

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